Nebraska 4H Challenge Indoor Results

Congrats to all the shooters who participated in March for this shoot. For many of you, this was your first time
competing. We can also say this was probably one of the BEST behaved group of youth shooters we have ever
had the pleasure of hosting. To all the coaches, parents and archers…you should be very proud!

Shooting Class-Sights under 12

Josey Freel-10yr 270 7x Cass Co
Brandi Helzer-10yr 261 11x Burt Paper Shredders
Shawn Kavanaugh-10yr 251 2x Cass Co
Dylan Vanderheiden-10yr 245 1x Cass Co
Bryce Kolc-11yr 228 7x Bullseye Club
Chris Hanson-11yr 225 7x Bullseye Club
Oliver Johnson-10yr 223 2x Burt Paper Shredders
Lanie Frahm-10yr 213 5x Burt Paper Shredders
Dawson Hiemstra-yr 206 1x Bullseye Club
Kanon Albert-10yr 202 4x Cass Co
Matt Hanson-11yr 176 3x Bullseye Club
Trevor Dalton-10yr 156 1x Cass Co
Aiden Lutz-12yr 156 0 Cass Co
Timmy Hunt-11yr 135 3x Bullseye Club
Daniel Hoefner-10yr 131 2x Cass Co
Jacob Vandenack-11yr 98 0 Bullseye Club
Corrine Kavanaugh-10yr 81 0 Cass Co
Bre Smart-10yr 56 1x Cass Co

Shooting Class-Barebow 10yd

Macy Moravec-13yr 199 2x Bullseye Club-Saunders
Quinn Moravec-12yr 169 3x Bullseye Club-Saunders
Alex Davis-12yr 162 24x Burt Paper Shredders
Tyler Heiberger-8yr 112 2x Burt Paper Shredders
John Crimmins-10yr 97 0 Burt Paper Shredders
Taitum Olson-8yr 85 0 Burt Paper Shredders
Cody Lutz-10yr 73 0 Cass Co
Lauryn Vanderheiden-7yr 44 0 Cass Co
Connor Davis-10yr 34 0 Burt Paper Shredders
Shea Crimmins-10yr 23 0 Burt Paper Shredders

Shooting Class-Over 12 (20yd)

Daven Harrington-14yr 212 0 Bullseye Club-Saunders
Kaden Frahm-12yr 187 0 Burt Paper Shredders
Wyatt Moravec-15yr (NO Sight) 134 2x Bullseye Club-Saunders
Josie Spiker-14yr 124 0 Bullseye Club-Saunders
Kaliska Kelley-12 yr 115 0 Bullseye Club-Saunders
Evan Marr-14yr 107 0 Bullseye Club-Saunders
Juliana Anderson-12yr 106 0 Burt Paper Shredders

Looking forward to watching you all grow and improve as archers- Kent & Deb