Moving Sale in Progress: Nov 6th-16th

Crazy times at Full Draw Archery! After 26 years in the same location we are moving! It comes with sadness, happiness, anxiety and some unanswered questions about what, where and when we will be back open?

Some are easier to answer than others! We had to make a decision with a new building owner, increased rent coming our way or downsize in our current location without a change to expenses. The best option for us….buy a building, downsize and move so that we can continue to do what we love! To accomplish ALL of that will require us to experience some downtime in operations. We will continue to have our phone number available, 402-333-9691 and it will move to the new location. If you need something that we can possibly ship, please email us at, we will do our very best to get you taken care of. If you are in need of bow work, don’t hesitate to call and we will work to get you taken care of. We APPRECIATE all the love and support from our great customers as we embark on a new adventure and once we get back up and running, we will have a GRAND REOPENING. No details yet on where, as we are in the process of closing the deal. We truly APPRECIATE your patience and will try and keep the website updated. (that too has been a challenge)

We will have to start the move process as of November 16th, so hours at the current location will be limited and varied. The range WILL BE CLOSED as it will be our move staging area!! THANK YOU AGAIN for your understanding!!

Sincerely, Kent & Deb, Matt and Jeff

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