Thanks in advance for your patience!

2022 has been an interesting year to say the least!! We are remodeling a building and trying to run a business by appointment only in very crazy world for construction right now. Thanks to those of you who have supported us through this process…we will be open soon (fingers crossed) The new location has taken us back to our roots, a smaller location dedicated to the best retail and service that we can provide. We were priced out of our old location and large range, but we will do our very best to take care of you, the customer! Google hasn’t made our lives any easier but we finally were able to get our location updated to 510 Main Street, Plattsmouth. Anytime you see the opportunity to update a social media site with our 510 Main Street location in Plattsmouth, Nebraska it would be greatly appreciated. We grew our 26 year business by word of mouth and appreciate your help in spreading the word!

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